Baal Dan Project -

Baal Dan - Hindi for Child (baal) and donation (dan)

I've been so fortunate to have been incredibly blessed and feel the need to share some of my good fortune with others. For each wedding we shoot here at Crimson Blu we'll be donating $100 to Baal Dan, a charity that provides aid in India to help Indian street children and orphans by providing feeding programs, supplies, and education sponsorships. Each donation will fund the education of a child completely for about three months. We haven't raised our rates to accommodate this program of giving. Weddings are a celebration of life, love, community, family, and so many other good things. Let's spread some joy around. Please join us in sharing!

When you book your wedding photography with us and you wish to share with another worthy charity, let us know and we'll accommodate your wishes.

For more information about the Baal Dan Project see their website at